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What are Good Breeders?

The importance of buying Dalmatians from a responsible breeder cannot be overestimated. Good breeders carefully plan and produce litters of purebred puppies with the specific intention of making a “contribution to the breed”. That is to say- their goal is to produce healthy, temperamentally sound and stable, conformationally correct dogs. They strive to produce dogs that are fine examples, representatives, and ambassadors of their breed.


Below are breeders in our Club:

Peggy Copeland and Tina Gay

OBX Dalmatians

Breeder of Merit
Located in Farmville, NC



Pam Fisher

RockStar Dalmatians

Breeder of Merit
Located in Western NC

Karen Rowan and Paul RowanKaren Rowan stands with 10 dalmatian puppies looking up at her.

Gaelic Dalmatians

Breeder of Merit


Located in Wesley Chapel, a community outside of Charlotte, NC







Tom and Michele Wrath

SunnyOaks Dalmatians
Breeder of Merit
Located in Hillsborough, NC